All of the information on our site is informational, and the registration for services on this website does not guarantee you will become our patient. We follow strict protocols to ensure our patients get the best quality care, which includes, but is not limited to the protocols listed below.

NewEdge Health offers safe, non-invasive elective medical services through our telemedicine system

The following is a checklist guide for NewEdge Health telemedicine practices.

1 Enrollment and Consent for Medical Services

  • Potential patient requests an elective medical service, with a valid medical complaint by registering at
  • The potential patient agrees to the Privacy Policy, HIPAA Disclaimer, and Terms and Conditions at
  • The potential client fills out the consent and Medical History forms.

2 Medical records and initial consultation

  • A physician evaluates the potential patients medical records.
  • The physician consults with the potential patient via phone and documents the evaluation, adequate to diagnose the client as overweight or obese. The diagnosis as overweight or obese is based on the clients BMI as indicated from their medical chart, as well as the photo documentation.
  • NewEdge Health calls the patient and confirms that the patient understands the services and protocols, and has all the necessary materials, including workbooks, directions, and any other necessary materials.
  • After review, the practitioner only issues a prescription after evaluating the Medical history, a telemedicine evaluation, BMI charts, and blood work if available.
    NewEdge Health and their medical staff understand and agree that the methods for issuing a prescription to patients based on these items is an acceptable standard of care, solely for the non-invasive, elective services.
    Source: Washington Medical Quality Assurance Commission, Guidelines for Appropriate Use of the internet in Medical Practice.

3 Welcome Orientation and Instructions

  • A NewEdge Health representative calls the patient to welcome him/her as a patient and confirms that the client has received all the necessary training and materials to perform the diet protocol.
  • After the above takes place, the patient is then charged for the consultation and fees for any services rendered so far.

4 Follow-up Consultations

  • 1 Week after Becoming a Patient: the client is called medical assistant to ensure the client has recieved all of their items from the pharmacy, and to address any concerns.
  • 2 Weeks after Becoming a Patient: the client is called by a weight loss specialist to go over the diet and any questions, concerns, and information that NewEdge Health feels is necessary for the proper care of the patient.
  • Additional appointments: NewEdge continues to work with the client via video, phone, chat, and other HIPAA compliant communication services.

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